In Q1 2024, with the aid of AI, we will launch ten local language translations to maximize the surface area potential global success. We are building this capacity for our in-house production studio, Raptures Labs. Ultimately, we hope to scale and offer the distribution, translation and monetization services to tens of thousands of Black American and African artist teams.

The first 100 comics and 1,000 chapters across our platforms have been created in-house by our 60-person writing and Artists team. By 2030, we expect to obsess about 100,000+ stories in comic form from within the Black American and African creative communities on our platforms. Raptures is positioning itself to be the catalyst for this coming content renaissance. Black people have forced our way to the table when it comes to sports, comedy, and film, but the one glaring area missing (and arguably the most lucrative by far) is IP-driven One Source Multi Uses content (OSMU).

Once Raptures has established the data-backed success of stories within our communities & regions, such as hip-hop, comedy, and afrobeats, we expect to see the IP amplify and monetize globally. Please join us on this journey. Its going to be totally amazing!